Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Light Side of Love

The Light Side of Love

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The sky constantly reminds me of you

Just so you know theres a space
that only you can fill
Just so you know i loved you then
and always will

To be honest this is one of the best english classes that i have ever taken. Poetry has opened my eyes up to something new. It has showed me that it is extremely crucial to be able to express oneself in many ways. In addition it has showed me that words can be extremely powerful and have a great deal of meaning when writing Poetry. This is something that i did not realize before coming into this class. I would never have thought that I would be writing about my gorgeous girlfriend, or how i felt on a certain day, or about describing a tomato. Without a doubt i felt it extremely hard to write and overall read my poetry out loud to others. However i now i feel that a comfortable environment has been created, and i am no longer worried about reading my work aloud to other people. I always had a view that poetry was just for girls but i now know that it is not and there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself. I enjoy this class ALOT and am looking forward to future assignments. In my opinion i feel that it was important to see when Tennyson waited forever for Emily Sellwood because he did not have financial support in
the beginning. Even though that this man waited so long to finally marry the woman of his dreams it made his life incredibly happier in the long run. His marriage to emily sellwood made his life happier, especially with the two children that they had.Through reading this poem it has shown me that this without question this was true love. To be able to wait so many years and finally be happy to be with the one that you waited so long to be with. In Robert Brownings "How They Brought the Good News From Ghent to Aix" it describes a trip that occurs with all of the horses. It shows how important the news was that needed to get to the destination and how each of the horses struggled to get to the place. Each of the horses had broke down but finally the last horse Roland got him to the finally place. It shows the strong connection between character and horse. How he carried on no matter how hard the going got. It broke my heart when he poured his last bit of wine down the horses throat. Overall in the class it has taught me to analyze poems for meaning as well as strong connections. I feel by the end of this class i might be a poet myself pouring poetry icing all over the place.

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