Sunday, September 26, 2010

Passion, Pleasure, Pain.

You weaken my cries for stability
You clear my soul
You overthrow any insecurity
You make me whole

You crush me slowly
You puncture my heart
leaving it lifeless
remaining in parts


You love so beautifully
You claim my existing
Without You, Pain's unceasing
Lifeline decreasing

You're killing me softly
with with all of me that you gain
Don't know where i would be
without you Passion
Your Pleasure,
Your Pain.

The balance of passion, pleasure, and pain in a relationship is absolutely vital in my opinion. I feel as though these three power houses word cohesively to maintain a strong relationship between two people. If there is no pain, then your passion isn't strong enough. The thought of even sharing your mate with someone else should cause you pain to some degree. If your have no pleasure, then your passion isn't strong enough. I have learned from personal experiences that if you aren't excited to see the one you are with, if it doesn't pleasure you to be around that person, then there is no passion there. Therefore, one should reconsider the reasons why they are with that person. The title of this post was inspired by the contemporary singer Trey Songz. His songs are basically about the strengths, weaknesses and the intensity of love in relationships. I believe that loving someone is one of the hardest things someone can do. Maintaining that love is even harder. Maybe considering reasons for being in love would make the whole process a piece of cake!

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