Sunday, September 19, 2010

Right or Wrong?

While taking this poetry class it has made me ponder a lot about the basic ideas of poetry. I have always been timid whether to discuss how I feel on a certain piece of work because I was worried whether my response would be right or wrong. Whether or not I would be made fun of because of my interpretation on the certain work, or maybe because my response didn't agree with everyone else's. However I have learned to break this barrier and have quickly learned that there is no right or wrong to the way that poetry is viewed. In "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost he has shown me that there is no right or wrong way in the way that things are viewed. There isn't just one interpretation to something that is read such as his poem. Like Frost stated in his poem one of the roads was more grassy than the other and "needed wear". With this I feel that it is more unique to stray away from the normal way of thinking. With taking the road that needs wear, you are taking more of a chance to have other people think about the ideas that you put dish out on the table. As long as you have evidence to support your idea why should one be wrong? Robert Frost believed that poetry comes from a lump in the throat. This meant a lot me because I felt this means that it comes from what you are feeling at a certain moment in time. When writing poems for this class I felt that there always had to be a correct idea that everyone had to agree on, a correct structure and a rhyme scheme that was well organized. However when Frost rhymed erratically and lacked everything that I thought needed to be there I quickly learned that there was no right or wrong to poetry. All in all reading many different types of works has lead me to the conclusion that there is not a right or wrong to poetry. This has been a learning process with reading all the different types of poetry. A right or wrong is not possible because it is simply an interpretation on how you feel on a certain subject.

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