Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ayo DJ Bring That Back

Sampling in music is the act of taking a portion of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a different sound recording of a song. The art of sampling originated in New York City in the 1970's with the birth of hip-hop.Sampling has been done since the beginning of time with a sampler. With the sampler one could "sample" playing back beats from old times and making new pieces of work with the sounds from the music of other artist. Sampling is also possible by "tapping loops or with the use of vinyl records.

Samples are basically one part of the song, like a break, used in another. For example down below after you read the entire blog post, an example of sampling will be shown below by your truly. For instance sampling is done by sampling a piece of "Im coming up" with "yeah" that eventually goes into "The Dj got us falling in love again" all written by other artist. But this is sampled to male a "cooler" new danceable version of a song, remixed to match the "hip" of today's society. All in all the sampling has become extremely popular within today's day and age and is used very heavily in the music industry.

Artist like Rick James sued MC Hammer for infringement of copyright of the song " U can't touch this". The law suit was settled when Hammer agreed to give credit to Rick James. Throughout history sampling has been an area of contention from a legal perspective. Early sampling artist used portions of other artist recording's, without permission: once rap and other music incoperating samples began to make A LOT of money. Many artist took action claiming it was a copyright infringement to steal other artist work. Some fought back against the accusations which were true in many cases saying that the samples were "fair use" and that the samples just reevaluated the music.

In today's society there is without a doubt sampling in several songs. There are remixes that are done by DJ's in real time using samples from the 70' and 80's at clubs, dances etc. Being a part time DJ for my school I happen to know a lot about the music industry and how sampling has a huge impact on the world that we live in today. As I stated being a DJ myself i use sampling to create remixes that are more danceable with some of yesterdays old and a little of today's new. A lot of the songs, beats, kicks, bass. beats, instrumentals that were created back than are very catchy. Even though some are very plain, repetitive, and not danceable they are very usable, adding a new twist to a song that you want to create with samples.

With the basic use of samples in today's society i feel that many people have ignored the fact that its simply just taking someones piece of art that was long hard worked on. It seems to me that people do acknowledge the fact that the work is not there's and go on to appreciate the new creative song that was made out of the old samples from way back when. I have to say that the most popular songs that i remixed using loops are very danceable and well favored by the crowd. Below is a posted link of the website in which you can find the song at mixed by Dj Donald Bradley. Enjoy and until we get caught up in the mix again, im outta here.
DJ Donald Bradley


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