Friday, November 19, 2010

Frost: "The Road Not Taken" the Right Road?

Robert Frost is a famous poet today. If anyone were to mention his poem "The Road Not Taken" in daily conversation, I'm sure everyone would know the reference. This week in poetry we went over this poem in class, and I've read it several times before. I always thought it was an optimistic poem about taking the high road and doing your own thing instead of going along with the crowd. I even used it on an application essay to get into school. However, we learned in class that it's more of a sarcastic poem, that in fact Frost was mocking the optimistic idea I had believed was the message of the poem. It made me wonder what was going through Frosts mind. Did he really feel this way? Does that mean the road not taken is the right road and that people always make the wrong choice, and that's what makes the difference? It just baffled me to learn that this poem was really sarcastic. I just wonder now, what road is right? and what road is wrong? This poem really opened up doors for me, and now the analysis has shut those doors. At the same time, though, it just makes me more curious as to what was going through Frost's head as right and wrong. I still love this poem, just in a different way.

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  1. Or could both roads be the right one?...depending on you.